Massage Therapy at Elevate is an experience that is completely unique to the West Kootenay area. Each session is dedicated to you, your needs, and your goals. We will perform a thorough history, assessment, and treatment that is specific to making you better.

What makes Elevate unique? We follow the principles and system set forth through Functional Range Release and Function Range Conditioning. This is the new gold standard of Soft Tissue therapy. We want to create a culture of great movers, and if you are not moving pain-free or as optimally as you should, this is your first step at change. We’re also a registered ICBC Treatment Provider.

60 Minute Initial Assessment - $100

This initial assessment involves a thorough history, exam Functional Movement Assessment, treatment, and exercise prescription.

45 Minute Follow-up Treatment (FRR + FRC) - $80

For your 2nd visit at Elevate, this is a dedicated session to perform more assessment, treatment, and Functional Range Conditioning education. 

30 Minute Comprehensive Treatment (FRR + FRC) - $60

Subsequent sessions at Elevate are 30 minutes in duration and are dedicated strictly to treatment (Functional Range Release, Joint Mobilizations, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage) and Functional Range Conditioning prescription.